What kind of results can I expect from these lessons?

Infants ages 6-12 months can learn to roll over from a face down position in the water and rest in a comfortable float to breathe. Active infants may begin the kicks of swimming and be able to go a short distance before floating. This takes approx. 12-20 lessons.

Children ages 12 months to 5 years can learn to open his eyes, hold his breath, and grasp the pool edge. They also learn how to turn back towards the edge in case of an accidental fall in. They can learn to paddle to the steps, side or platform. When the child feels the need to breathe, he will roll onto his back. After a short rest period he will flip onto his tummy and continue to swim while looking for the pools edge or other landing. This takes approx 16-24 lessons.
Children who have learned from the swim float swim program naturally progress into freestyle swimming with rhythmic breathing. This transition occurs between ages 4-6.

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